Date with nature on the ‘Moon Rock”

When you feel that you are not finding answer to your questions in your heart, and you don’t have anyone to share your feelings, I suggest pack your bag with few items like warm clothes, torch, match box, swiss knife , camera and go to the mountains to get the best out of your life.

Yes on 10th of October 2015 I was packing my bag to go out for a trip when couple of other friends joined me and together we planned to hit the road for our destination Chandrashila Peak or commonly known as “Moon Rock”.IMG_20151011_071002_HDR

So we started of our drive from 4pm in Delhi and reached Rishikesh by 11pm; spending the night in a not so luxurious hotel we again went off for Chopta next morning 5am. Early morning drive, cold breeze blowing and along with us flowed the Alaknanda River.  This was for second time I was travelling through this route so it was quite known to me. We took breaks in between had tea by roadside stalls and frequently interacted with the common people about the climate and the local transport timings. There are very few buses which goes beyond Kund. The last 20 kms to Chopta is a magnificent journey through the Jungle, where the sun rays are find it hard topenetrate By the time we reached Chopta it was 1pm. It was looking like the clouds has taken cover of the valley and a spell of rain was expected.


We started trekking amidst the clouds. The easy trek looked quite troublesome as three of us found it hard to breathe after 1km. So we decided to complete this 5km trek to Tughnath Mandir with halt in between. After 3 and half hours of struggle accompanied by spells of rain and hails we finally reached our stop at Tungnath Mandir. The view from Tughnath mandir is spectacular and you don’t need any DSLR camera to capture those moments.


IMG_20151011_170311_HDRAfter offering prayers at the mandir , we sat together at one of the tea stall had some tea while talking to the local lads over there. There were other tourists who came just to offers prayer at Baba Tungnath Mandir (3680m), the highest Shiva Temple in the world.

It was 7pm then and  a sudden drop in temperature could be felt at our finger tips. Little did we know that the most exciting and thrilling part of the trek was about to happen. As we were returning, shadowy figures could be seen  standing on the cliff edge. We threw our torch light and found it to be a herd of stags standing. Slowly they moved with their eyes glittering in the dark. Back in the room as we wrapped ourselves under blankets a leopard’s growl could be heard from outside; our hearts were beating faster.

Next day we were to climb the Chandrashila peak. It was dark outside when we started our journey at 4am. But the sky was clear. After 1 hour of climb from Tungnath the destination had been reached. We were at Chandrashila Summit (Moon Rock). Words might prove insufficient to explain the view atop Chandrashila. The feeling was awesome and the view breathtaking

IMG_20151012_055302_HDR IMG_20151012_063307_HDR






The view of the Chowkhamba Standing tall and along with them Neelkanth , Sesh Naag, Kedar Nath and Kedar dome. Bandarpunch looks stunning with the first sun rays making them glow like gold. After staying for about 1 and half hours at the top our climb back to Tungnath took just 20 minutes.


We had our car at the base in Chopta and our legs longing to get back there, as walking down the stone paved route was a bit painful. We started of from chopta at 11am and by 1 am in the night we  were at Delhi.

The Chandrashila Trek has filled my heart with content. I have planned to visit this place once again, during the winter. And why only me guys who have love for nature and are fond of travelling and hiking , hit this place.. a long weekend can be a great option for this trip.









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