Rare Planet Found…

The search for another planet where humanity can thrive is on. Scientists have also been searching the galaxies for the existence of alien life forms. We know not, how long will be the wait until they succeed. But a budding technocrat from Kolkata has already found a planet more humane for the rural artisans of Bengal and It is called the Rare Planet.

Durga Minion_Gabbar Minion

Have you ever imagined goddess Durga in the form of a minion? Or the menacing Gabbar Singh in the same way? If the answer is ‘No’, then Rare Planet is the right place for you. Any collectible rare and exclusive, the Rare Planet has it in their kitty. As the team Rare Planet puts it – “The whole idea behind Rare Planet is to make rare items or rare collectibles available to the masses online.”

Meet Ranodeep Saha, the brain behind Rare Planet. A 2nd year engineering student who, dreams of revolutionizing the handicrafts sector in India.  A dream he pursued so seriously, that at 19 he became the youngest speaker at the Entreprerna ’16 – a Global Entrepreneur Summit organised by the IISWBM, Kolkata and has also been felicitated with the Wipro Campus Entrepreneur Award.



It all started with a crisis in his personal life. It was the grief that motivated Ranodeep to bring out the creator in him. One fine night as he sat back with a paintbrush and an earthen cup (bhanr) to make a Harry Potter themed artifact – Rare Planet was born.

There has been no looking back since then. Teaming up with artisans of rural Bengal Rare Planet has never been short on production. The core team has been Ranodeep and a few of his classmates, who were brave enough to save time for their academic pursuit and think out of the box. Shunning the stereotype of lethargic Bengali youth, the Rare Planet conceived in Kolkata had leapt with its merchandise to Singapore and Hong Kong. Of late Rare Planet has taken up the cause to hone the artistry within less privileged communities of the city.

rare Planet_collectibles

In its pursuit of revolutionizing the handicrafts sector, Rare Planet wants to move beyond Bengal, and connect the intrinsic artistry of regional India online and ensure that the “Rare” is just a click away.