5 home remedies for fire cracker burns you need this festive season


Diwali, the festival of lights, is the time when the city gets illuminated, thus enhancing the celebration more. However, this is also the time for burning crackers, and yes on a huge scale. Need not mentioning but this festival of lights might soon turn into a darkness minus proper care and precaution. So, what’s to be done now?

Very frankly, majority of the mishaps and unfortunate incidents take place in crowded places where distractions are high. So everyone should have a basic knowledge of first aid. Now, apart from knowing the ways to cure burns, there are also additional things to know to prevent the situation from turning into something much worse.


So, first, here’s the list of simple first aid items to keep handy:

  • A bucket of water or sand.
  • A first-aid kit which complete with bandages, ointments, saline water.solution for cleaning eyes.
  • Cling Wrap or similar to protect serious burns till medical help arrives.
  • Aloe Vera gel to treat and “cool” burns.
  • Pain killers or analgesics.
  • Blunt tip scissors for cutting clothing off injured areas.
  •  Blanket to smother the flames in case a person’s clothes catches fire.

Now, turn your attention to this list for some good-to-know home remedies for burns:

  • Cold Water or Cold Milk:


This is one of the best and most effective ways to treat firecracker burns. If cold water is run for 10-15 minutes, or cold milk is poured over the burnt area, it is repeated after every few hours to relieve pain. If using water, it is advised to use only cold or iced water and not ice cubes as these could restrict blood flow, which could damage the delicate tissues.