6 stunning places in Kolkata for an outstanding pre-wedding photoshoot

Whats the best thing about a marriage?! Bride, Groom, decor, food, celebrations, and of course in the end the long lasting memories. In the end, to conclude any wedding, it is always the photographs that give couples the memories that they would cherish forever. 


Now, talking about wedding photographs, a recent trend that had been quite in the vogue these days is that of the pre-wedding photo shoot. For the ones still unaware, this is a concept where the to-be wed couples get a chance to create some un-replicable precious moments that are beautifully captured by their photographer.

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Now, as per the trend, majority of the couples and their photographers prefer natural outdoor locations for their pre-wedding shoots. To know more, an outdoor location allows the couple to be themselves in front of the camera. So, the primary factor remains selection of the choosing the correct location and this can do wonders for the shoot. So, to all the couples soon to get married and madly in love, here is your chance to enhance your love prior to marriage.

Get your eyes glued to the next section look out for the best 6 locations in Kolkata for a pre-wedding shoot:

  • Hooghly Ghat:


The morning life in the Hooghly Ghats is an unique thing to look out for, compiling of boats, bathers, religious offerings and local masseurs. Thus, the morning light is just perfect for photography. Again, the smokey atmosphere in the winters would create an aroma of mystery in the photos, and thus would help to make it more special. For couples, they might indulge in a romantic boat ride to capture a photo with the Howrah Bridge behind. In addition, there are other surrounding areas of the Hooghly Ghat, to look out for which are just perfectly deserted yet adequately crowded for a perfect photo-shoot session.

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