7 Things to know about Sacred Games on Netflix


Kabhi kabhi toh lagta hein ki apun hi Bhagawan hein!” Sounds similar right?!!! Perhaps the most prominent meme this season, taking a toll on the internet right now. Again, no points for guessing but this line embedded on the image of Nawazuddin Siddique, wearing a disgruntled look on the face, sitting against the backdrop of thick, black night is a scene from the much talked about Netflix series Sacred Games.

It seems that India finally goes adult with this show. Definitely, a breath of fresh air from the over-dramatic, illogical daily soap saga, where logic is hard to be found. This new sensation produced by Netflix s is a depiction of the Mumbai life, its people which are perfectly blended in a global context with crime and cops in the socio-political ecosystem.

The series races through two timelines. The past showing gangster Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui)’s narrative and the present part with inspector Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan’s narrative). The past shows the rise and fall of Gaitonde’s empire and the present shows Sartaj running through time to save Mumbai before some dangerous catastrophe, as Gaitonde warned just before death.


There is also a third angle to it, who is again one of the most important players in the mix. This is Anjali Mathur (Radhika Apte), a sharp and astute RAW agent assigned to the case, and who is battling gender bias at work.

The storyline is more or less clear to everyone hooked onto Netflix. Now, certain facts about this incredibly popular but controversial show which has literally given a large blow to the ‘Sanskaari’ structure of Indian panorama.

  • This show is conceptualized and jointly directed by two ace directors like Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap, both of whom have created a mark in their respective movie genre.
  • Kubbra Sait, who essays the role of Kukoo, a transgender cabaret dancer in the series, revealed that she had to shot a frontal nudity scene seven times, for bringing it near to perfection on the request of Anurag Kashyap.


  • The show is an adaptation of Vikram Chandra’s famous novel, Sacred Games (2006), which had quite created a buzz back then, and Chandra already counted among India’s leading literary lights.
  • Three separate complaints were racked up against the show for allegedly ‘defaming’ Rajiv Gandhi. However, Rahul Gandhi showed maturity with his refreshing and true  It’s just a show, and the ‘defamation’ comes from the view of a Mumbai gangster in this work of fiction. Well, can’t agree a bit less!
  • With the first episode being aired on 6 July 2018, the first season of the show ended with 8 episodes, definitely building up high hopes for the next season.
  • The main USP of the show is definitely its provocative and powerful dialogues, that gives a glimpse into the writers’ collective genius and the show’s raw and edgy brilliance.

  • Apart from the Indian viewers, this first Indian original series by Netflix is definitely grabbing eyeballs of the international critics and audience as well. With its, unique international but deep-rooted appeal, its being definitely applauded for its representation of Mumbai and also the way in which it captures the attention of Indian audience.

“Bhagwaan ko maante ho? Bhagwaan ko l**d farak nahi padtaa”!!!