8 Foods you need to keep away the Winter chill!


Winter is finally here with its full galore and while the chilly breezes cuts through the face after months of scorching summers, it is equally important to give the warmth the body needs! Of course, we wouldn’t miss the winter carnivals, picnics and fun-fares for any winter borne diseases thus spending the last quarter of the year in bed and blanket!

So, what’s the way out?!! Well, to stay warm, wear the best of woollens and hoodies and have food that would help to conserve the body energy thus keeping it warm!

So the here’s the list of food you need for your quintessential Winter diet!

  • Honey:

Honey is warm in nature and its regular intake helps in keeping the body warm, too. Thus the primary reason why  excessive intake of honey during summers is not advised. Honey is also good for keeping cold, cough and flu at bay as it strengthens the immune system. So some drops of honey in hot water or a spoon of honey daily, is the first thing in the morning to keep warm.