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The Death-Proof Cars

Volvo has made a shocking pledge: By 2020, no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car or SUV. That literally would make Volvo cars Death-Proof. Well, If someone really wants to hurt themselves, or is just really, really stupid, ...Read More

Video Of The Flyover Collapse In Kolkata

City-life in Kolkata jolted today when a portion of a 2 km long flyover collapsed in the afternoon. The Vivekananda Road Flyover has been under construction since 2009. Meandering through the retail business hub of the city, Burrabazar, the bridge seeks to solve the ...Read More

Rare Planet Found…

The search for another planet where humanity can thrive is on. Scientists have also been searching the galaxies for the existence of alien life forms. We know not, how long will be the wait until they succeed. But a budding technocrat from Kolkata has ...Read More