“Cartoon Car” in Kolkata : An Eco-Friendly Car With a Rooftop Garden

Eco-Friendly Cartoon Car – An ordinary cab driver who took the city by storm with the installation of a grass-bed on the roof of his cab, is creating headlines again! Dhananjoy Chakrabarty, fondly known as Bapi da, has come up with quite a unique initiative to spread awareness about pollution.

Bapi Cartoon Car

A cab driver by profession and an environment lover at heart, this is the story of the taxi driver who has taken it upon himself to spread the message of greenery in the in the city. Now, this time he has another feather added to this hat, and this initiative of his includes drawing cartoons all over his taxi, which he called the Cartoon taxi!

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Why Cartoon Car?

The idea he projected behind this was again, mind captivating. He stated that the cartoons drawn all over the taxi, are not just any cartoons, rather they are cartoons and caricatures from our yesteryears, assembling together to spread the message of keeping our environment clean.

cartoon car

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The various cartoons illustrated in the cartoon taxi can be seen depicting awareness about keeping our surroundings clean, proper waste management and conserving our heritage. Here he added that this an attempt on his part to acquaint today’s kids with the cartoons we all grew up watching, and of course, spread his message of saving the environment as these things have a greater impact on a child’s mind. He also took a minute to thank his artist friend who gave shape to his ideas and concepts by illustrating them all over the car. 

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