Jana Gana Mana, As Never Seen Before

There have been many versions of the Indian National Anthem. The tune varies from the original slow rendition to the orchestral adaptation. The pronunciation changes with dialects. In fact the Anthem itself is a part of a Brahmo hymn of 5 stanzas composed by Rabindranath Tagore. Whatever be it. Each time the tune of Jana Gana Mana is played, a sense of patriotism begins to flow. But what about them, who have hearing and speech disabilities! The scenario is a little different for them.

But again, ‘’PATRIOTISM KNOWS NO LANGUAGE.’’ And this version of Jana Gana Mana clearly depicts it.

It took 9 days of rehearsals to produce the final take. Conceptualized by the Mudra Group and Big Cinemas, this silent rendition of the National Anthem shot in Don Bosco School, Mumbai, features 500 special kids from across the city.