Thai Boys will not attend FIFA World Cup 2018 Final says FIFA

Thai Boys will not attend FIFA World Cup 2018 Final says FIFAFIFA welcomed the rescue of 12 Thai boys from a cave to attend the FIFA’s final match on 15th July.  But said they were too weak to attend Sunday’s World Cup 2018 final in Moscow. Elite foreign divers and Thai Navy SEALls saved the final batch of four boys on Tuesday after an 18-day ordeal that captivated the world.

FIFA’s President Gianni Infantino had invited the boys’ Wild Boars football team to the final “as our guests” last week.

Why are the Thai boys not attending World Cup 2018 final?

But FIFA said it had been informed: “that due to medical reasons, the boys will not be in a position to travel to Moscow”. “FIFA’s priority remains the health of everyone involved in the operation and we will look into finding a new opportunity to invite the boys to a FIFA event to share with them a moment of communion and celebration,” a spokesman said.

The 12-member Thai team comprises of a year-old named Chanin Wiboonrungrueng and a 14-year-old named Adul Sam. They are entrapped in the darkness of the Tham Luang cave in Thailand’s Mae Sai district. They were trapped for near about two weeks after they had gone exploring the area on June 23. And Thai Navy SEALs along with other volunteers are all struggling to free the children from the flooded cave.

The young footballers were discovered on Monday by SEALS and two British men who are diving experts. Since then, 100 personnel have involved in the rescue mission with a former Thai Navy SEAL diver losing his life. What makes the rescue act is that the exit path of the cave is submerged. Thus the group would stay stuck inside for weeks or months even.

FIFA also expressed condolences to the family of a Thai Navy SEAL who died after running out of oxygen during the rescue operation on Friday. “Our thoughts are with his family,” FIFA said.