These Two Techies Have an Answer to Ganga Pollution

Till today millions have been spent to clean the Ganga. The Ganga Action Plan (GAP) initialized in 1986 has itself contributed almost ₹ 4000 crores to this spending, but without much success. Meanwhile, two techies from IIEST Shibpur, Prantik Sinha and Sandip Nair have stood up to the cause to clean the ‘sacred’ river with their startup Agastya Buoyant.

Founders of Agastya Buoyant

Sandip Nair, CEO (L); Prantik Sinha, CTO

Their weapon to rejuvenate Ganga – the elementary theory of buoyancy, shown by sage Agastya. Putting to use the Inflatable Technology they have come up with ‘Trash Boom’ and ‘Underwater Lift Bag’.