Top 10 Enticing Street Food spots in Kolkata

Kolkata, popularly termed as the Cultural Capital of the country, is also another synonym for food capital and definitely a foodies’ paradise. Spicy, Salty, Tangy. Sour, Sweet, you name it and you have it. Even if we swear on our Rosogollas and Mishtidoi, we also can’t stop gushing over the tangy tit-bits.

So, get your eyes glued to the next part and get yourselves indulged on a gastronomical journey and enjoy the tete-a-tete with the lip-smacking street food junctions in Kolkata.

Here are a list top 10 pocket-friendly street food junctions in Kolkata:

1. PhuchkaFoo


Phuchka is definitely the king of street food in Kolkata. If there is someplace in Kolkata where each and every phuchkawallah makes a phuchka to die for, it is Vivekananda Park, South Kolkata. The papri chat, dum aloo phuchkas and dahi phuchkas here are to die for! Maharaja Chaat Centre, Southern Avenue is your go-to place here. Churmur, a cousin of the phuchka family is another delicacy too hard to resist. Combined with tangy masalas, tamarind pulp, mashed potato, and broken papris, churmur is simply heavenly. Bhawanipore is another must-visit place for great phuchkas and street food.

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2. Kathi Rolls

The famous ‘Kathi Rolls’ was first invented in Kolkata in the shop called Zaika. This shop owns the credit to the delicious stuffing wrapped in thin roti that is now found in every city. Though there have been variations and twists as it found its way across cities, the original and authentic Kathi Rolls can still be found at Zaika. Nizam’s and Badshah in New Market and Kusum’s and Hot Kathi Roll in Park Street are also famous for rolls.

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